Wednesday, November 26, 2008

petty minds, petty cash.

write an essay using the above title.

what do those particular combination of words evoke for you?

be creative and post your essay(s) in the comments.

best one submitted gets $100.

(plus an improve something t-shirt).

to make it more worth your while to essentially goof off.

NOTE: you can submit as many essay versions as you like.

keep improving upon your original or try a completely new angle.

just make sure you use the the exact same title for every essay:

petty minds, petty cash.

this is a creativity thinger.

it's an attempt to make things better in some small way.

and you're perfectly free to participate.

you're also completely free not to.

so, whether you choose to be interesting, informative, entertaining, educational, moving, amusing, thought-provoking, inspiring, or some combination of these things, we challenge you to do your best to create something well-worth reading.

and if you write the best essay, you get $100 and a t-shirt!

it's a no-lose scenario, really.

because even if you don't end up getting the $100 and the t-shirt THIS week, if your essay is good, by posting it in our comments, you will likely interest this blog's readers into visiting your own blog.

and that could possibly somehow lead to fame and fortune for you as a writer!

was that even slightly convincing?



NOTE: once the essays start coming in, all submitters and readers of this blog are invited to actively critique and debate which essay is best, after which we'll have a vote on it.

and the contributer who gets the most votes gets the $100 and the t-shirt!

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: while there's an excellent chance that i'll definitely abide by the popular vote (especially if the debates are sincere and the critiques are not total trollish nonsense), since i'm putting up the $100, i do reserve the right to override the vote and pick my own favorite. *

because my name is $Zero and i've earned that right.

and if you don't like those conditions, you can go fly a kite.

* based on what i believe to be the valid critiques presented by all of the debators.


anyway, whomever writes the best essay will not only get $100 and a t-shirt, they will also be invited to become a regular guest blogger here at

AND they will be given the assignment of picking the next theme.

AND they will automatically get paid $50 for their own version of the _new_ theme (assuming they choose to participate in the new essay writing project -- the one which they have chosen the theme -- by creating the new mutually used title).

they'll also be eligible for the next $100 (and another t-shirt) should their essay be chosen by popular vote to be the best (yet again).

do the math.

this is surely going to become a great source of practical income for a few good writers who enjoy a good challenge.


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