Sunday, November 23, 2008

why i hate youtube

mostly because of all the zillions of dead links.

a blogger or other publisher finds some great clip, features it and/or writes about it, and sooner or later it's yanked for copyright violation or some such.

and fricken' youtube doesn't even have the decency to leave any of the non-copyright infringement stuff behind.

like the youtube comments, for instance.

or the title.

or the description.

or the keywords.

or who uploaded it.


makes me hate the internet. *

especially since eliminating all trace of the video (even the non-copyright infringement stuff) doesn't even benefit the copyright holder.

i mean, i can see how things could possibly get out of hand financially for the copyright holder if people were free to upload absolutely everything they wanted, but at the same time, i think most of the copyright owners are majorly overreacting.

especially since the youtube webcast quality is pretty low anyway.

i'd love to see somebody do a comprehensive spreadsheet on actual losses versus the possible gains for the copyright holder. i suspect that the pettiness would soon become graphically apparent. especially in regards to older stuff.

in my view, there ought to be a far less strict legally enforceable copyright policy on video clips that are older than two or three years.

i've seen youtube clips of _commercials_ yanked, FFS.

how silly is that?

extremely silly.

but assholes will be assholes.


* for tampering with recorded history, for one thing.


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$Zero said...

especially since eliminating all context of the video doesn't even benefit the copyright holder.

they should at least provide a link to a buyable version.